Fleurs de Gardenia by Olivier Creed VI for Creed 2006 (2012 L.E.)


In the lead up to the holidays SurrenderToChance were having a special deal in the DailyChanceSpecial section. Which I always try to have a squiz at, at least twice a week so I don’t miss anything FABULOUS!! Sometimes the deals are so good that even if I am not a desperate fan of the manufacturer I will grab it to see if I’m wrong. Always happy to be taught a lesson. On top of that Patty has been wittering on SO MUCH about Gardenia, a scent I’ve always loved in the garden, and though I have a few I always like to have comparison frags, OH DEAR I AM A PERFUME BORE!! Ha, if you’ve read this far you probably are too so let’s continue

Fleurs de Gardenia by Creed 2012

FleursDeGardenia FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Pink pepper, galbanum, black currant
Heart: Gardenia, floral notes, lily-of-the-valley, peony, lavender
Base: Musk, cedar, patchouli

WOW!! The first spritz waft is almost photo realistic Gardenia, that burns off quickly and I have a softly sizzling pink pepper and galbanum with morning breath. Sounds ghastly doesn’t it? It is not at all ghastly, deep, bright and intense are the 3 words that spring to mind but no notes, they are blended into a blue cheese and sweet floral naughtiness. Quite alluring I think. My BFF Kath loves it and thinks I smell gorgeous, so we agree which is good. After the fun and naughtiness Fleurs de Gardenia becomes a soft and very discrete floral with no hint of its outrageous beginnings, the patchouli has been scrubbed raw and musks are barely there. The flowers are pretty and prim and sexless and after the first 20 minutes would be a very good work fragrance.

Gardenia gardendebutPhoto Stolen gardenDebut

In the heat of summer here in Sydney, maybe 38 degrees celsius/100+F today I am lucky to get 3 hours but what I get is lovely and interesting. I have quite a big decant, let’s see how fast it goes and whether I feel I need a bottle at the end. Really though, I doubt it, for the money Creed is asking I want my fragrance to last through dinner.

I have worn Fleurs de Gardenia again tonight and in the cooler temperature it has a longer story, I am at 4 hours and there is still a whiff of something that is lovelier than me, it could be the extra layers of scent as this is the 3rd respritz today but it is hanging in there.

Further reading TheScentrist
Buying from Creed counters (Limited Edition Re-Release)
SurrenderToChance $5.25/ml

Have you been trying anything just because? Do you have a frag house that you WANT to love but they don’t ever seem to fit? Tell me, I love to read your stories.

Till tomorrow, have some fun,

Portia x


Heya APJ Family,

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This week I’m doing something slightly different again. I recently received from SurrenderToChance a set of 3 Etro fragrances and I’ve been wanting to get them on the blog and thought that I can try all 3 in Quicksniffs and then do a full review on my favourite at a later date. So that’s what I’ma gonna do for you and give you the usual 3 sentences and a star rating. Follow the jump to find our Rating System Page (<<jump).

ETRO is a crazy fabulous Italian fashion house, check their site here <<JUMP

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

MESSE DE MINUT 1994. COR!!! Citrus explosion, almost like a spicy citrus souffle, sort of cake-ish but with a crackle of pettigrain that keeps the balance from getting too foody, though it is delicious enough to eat my arm. I’m not really a citrus fan, in my mind though my collection calls me a liar, but I really love this and think the Etro crew have done a warm citrus perfect for a sunny autumn, winter or spring day, like today was in Sydney, this felt perfect as it dried down to woods, fresh hewn. S=**** L=**** D=****

SHAAL NUR 1997. After the citrus has burned off I get herbal, spicy and wood. It is great but the flowers don’t appear on my skin in a starring role and Shaal Nur goes straight to an amber, patchouli and woodsy vetiver skin scent that plays so softly it’s almost miss-able that it’s more than me, but I lose the ability to smell it after 5 hours. This definitely has date night potential.  S=*** L=*** D=***

LEMON SORBET 1989. This, as you would expect, is also a burst of citrus, a bitter sweet cloud of cool herbal lemon gelato.  It is a good deal more linear and less cluttered than the other 2 Etros we are looking at today, almost linear but still with an interesting journey. Part of me loves the simplicity here, and it smells really good on me too, but I think it would be a better wear in the warmer months, perfect for you Northern Hemisphere people right now. S=**** L=*** D=***

I bought a pick 3 Etro Gateway Sampler from SurrenderToChance which starts at $7.99

I hope you’re all having a glorious weekend.
Thank you for being part of our APJ family.,
Portia xx

Honey Badger Deal Sampler.

Hey gang,

This is the glorious colour I get to look at every day at the moment. I love Autumn. So pretty.

You know how much I love to order decants and samples? Well, let me tell you, I love it.

Recently I was trolling around one of my favourite decants and samples stores, SurrenderToChance, and found a sample set called the Honey Badger. Gosh, thought I. What on earth could be in a Honey Badger Special Deal Sampler?

This sampler contains .5 ml (1 ml sample vial filled half full) sample of the following new releases, but you can buy bigger amounts, I went all out and ordered the 2ml sprays:

  • Guerlain Myrrhe et Delires
  • Serge Lutens L’Eau Froide
  • Tom Ford Lavender Palm
  • By Kilian Amber Oud
  • Byredo Seven Veils
  • Aedes de Venutas
  • Hilde Soliani Tutti Matti per Colorno
  • Thirdman Eau Monumentale

So they arrived and I am so excited to be writing about brand new things, fresh pressed as it were and I thought I’d give you a snapshot view of four of them. How does that sound? Terrific? I thought you’d like it. Just a reminder that my nose will smell things differently to yours but it’s always nice to have a starting point, especially with new stuff.

Guerlain Myrrhe et Delires. The citrus opening in this soft oriental wood is sensational, with just a touch of balmy sweetness keeping the squeal under control. The floral heart seems to rush by on my skin, a shame because the fleeting glimpse I get of it is magic, and I’m left with a skin scent that is mainly soft vanilla/myrrhe that is almost leathery. I think you need to sample this, my scent hungry skin just doesn’t want to let it do itself justice, barely discernible after 1 hour. Still barely discernible next morning. If I was about, or had any use for, understated glamour skin fragrances then I would certainly think about buying this.
Olfactoria’s Travels reviewed Myrrhe et Delires last week and here’s Fragrantica

Serge Lutens L’Eau Froide. Boy, this aquatic opens all vetiver, incense and mint like an icy cold blast from Antarctica, maybe ginger, so fresh it made my nostrils tingle. Quickly the blast dies away to nothing, really nothing just fresh air by the beach in Autumn, and then the fragrance warms on my skin and the frankincense comes to dance with the musk and warms the waters and I think I can smell the memory of mint weaving very quietly through but never quite revealing itself. I want my partner to come home and smell me. Maybe it’s my own smell mingling with fresh air? I’m so glad I bought this as a sample spray because I’m glad to have experienced it and will use up my 2ml, just to get the opening 12 minute rush again, but will probably not buy a bottle.
GrainDeMusc does an awesome review and here Fragrantica

Byredo Seven Veils. This spicy oriental opens up green, boozy, spicy and sweet, quite different to anything I’ve tried before, like the pink pepper has been harnessed by the spicy pimento and carrot and something else that I can’t find in the notes that’s giving me cognac. The warmth of the sandalwood and vanilla swing in quickly though and run through leaving flowers in their wake. then a moment later they all play through again. I think the orchid is adding dark, sexy presence as we travel along at the 2 hour point and I LOVE THIS. We are now at 5 hours and I’ve cleaned the whole house, including bathrooms and kitchen, there is still a vanilla, spicy fruit roll on my skin. This is how fragrance should be done. Congratulations Ben Gorham of Byredo, I am seriously thinking FB.
CafeFleurBon does an informative review with some great Salome history and Fragrantica has the notes etc.

Hilde Soliani Tutti Matti per Colorno. This is my first look at Hilde Soliani’s work. The spiel says that this is the Autumn smell of Colorno where she lives in Italy; hay, fennel, grass, wildflowers and weeds on a fresh Autumn day. I can smell it but I think there is also the smell of decomposing Autumn leaves after you’ve raked them, also something sweet and warm, a little smoke/charcoal, even though the notes don’t allow all that.  I can even almost smell the sun shining. Even if you don’t like crisp, light green, fresh fragrances this is a lovely story, not to be missed.
NowSmellThis introduces the whole range and here’s Fragrantica too

Thanks for coming along for a quick look at half of the Honey Badger Deal Sampler with me today. I hope you liked it, and learned something. It’s been a most enjoyable couple of days trying them. Why did I choose these 4? They were the first 4 to come to my hands. What new stuff have you tried this week?

I wish you the best of everything, thanks for dropping by,
Hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow.
Portia xx

PS All fragrance photos today were stolen from Fragrantica and I used my own photo of the tree in my front yard.

Comme des Garcons series 6 Synthetic; Garage, Skai, Tar. LIVE Video Sniff!

Hey Hey gang,

You may never have heard of the CdG series 6. They were deleted before I became a serious perfumista and though they have come into my radar area a couple of times I’d not ever thought of possessing them. There was so much else to be snorted that I really, really wanted to try.

Then, not so long ago, my mate Radium (AKA Robert Maxwell) asked if I knew where to procure such hard to find gems. So as an essay in “I can do that” I set out to. It wasn’t easy, in fact I could only find the 3 that Radium asked for at SurrenderToChance and so, as a great way to have them, smell them and share them, I offered to purchase if he would come and sniff them with me LIVE! for a video presentation. He jumped at the chance and here is the outcome. Do please enjoy.

Both the photos stolen from Number3store.com where you can but these 3 lovelies currently. Woo Hoo!

I must also congratulate the extraordinary talents of my BFF Kath who shot ans edited and TSO Jin who made it blog ready. You 2 are awesome, great joys and I’m lucky to have you both. XX

Much love,
Portia xxx

Annick Goutal Reviews III

Hey all,

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Last month we did a 3 day epic Annich Goutal story that talked about the woman, her family and the business (Annick Goutal Story) then we went on to review some of the houses better known and loved fragrances (AG Reviews #1, AG Reviews #2) but there are so many more in this lovely collection that I felt the need to show you three more. Here is a link to the Annick Goutal site, but I have also found some great deals on FragranceNet and Parfum1. In Australia if you are desperately looking for Mother’s day, David Jones has a selection of Annick Goutal and there is something for everyone in the range.

Ambre Fetiche: Yes, we had the lovely Dionne from Beauty On The Outside give us a glowing report but at the time I had not smelled it. Well I went straight to the Surrender To Chance site and ordered 5ml, while I was there taking a sneaky peek (and purchase) at the Daily Chance specials, He He. This starts out raw and sexy, anyone whose personality is strong enough to carry such a statement scent will smell amazing wearing Ambre Fetiche; men, women and inbetweenies. I am sure I’ve smelled a woman wearing this at the local mini mall and remember registering olfactory delight. My nose gets loads of incense, balms and leathers right from the outset, almost a clean synthetic oud smell without the cow poo backdrop. It’s rich and ambrosial, there is a honeyed sweetness here too alongside the vanilla. After such a bam bam bam start we settle into a very comfortable, soft and warm leathery vanilla. This is haute couture gown, frock and jeans wear if you want to smell warm, delicious and sexy.

Fragrantica or Anick Goutal’s site says

Classic and modern at the same time, a very textured and sensual interpretation of the amber.

  • Creation date : 2007
  • Olfactory family : Amber, Vanilla, Leather (Frankincense, labdanum, styrax – Benzoin, absolute of iris – Vanilla, geranium, patchouli, Russian leather)

Un Matin d’Orage (A Morning Of Storm): “OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS!” is what I say in my head every time I spritz myself with Un Matin d’Orage. Does it smell like a stormy morning to me? No. Maybe the sunshine an hour after a stormy morning, when all the flowers are getting their scent on as if to make up for lost time. The lemon and ginger are so fresh, green and crisp, the warm jasmine as it saunters in swinging its hips is doing sexy dances with the gardenia and magnolia (I wouldn’t know what champaca smelt like if you hit me with it but it’s name does remind me of the hairy guy in Star Wars, I’m pretty sure I can’t smell him though) calling, yearning, begging you to come closer and sniff deeply and luxuriously, the sandalwood giving a creamy and delicious base for this all to float above. This smells like money to me, loads of it.

Fragrantica or Anick Goutal’s site says

The perfume of a flower of gardenia floating in the mist of a Japanese garden.

  • Creation date : 2009
  • Olfactory family : Floral, fresh, white flowers (Sicilian lemon, green perilla leaves, ginger, magnolia, jasmine Sambac, Indonesian champaca)

Passion: Passion was the Annick Goutal I thought I would definitely love, Love, LOVE!!! And to an extent, I do. Like a very excited young lover the party is over long before I’m ready for it to finish. The opening is spectacular, all white flowers, broken leaves and stem and as it warms up the ylang-ylang and jasmine bring some vanilla with them for a very short sashay past my nostrils and then the whole shebang is eaten by my skin. This is not what I’d hoped for. At times like this I feel jealousy for those lucky enough to have scent keeping skin, rather than scent eating skin. It does make Passion a super good choice for days when I want a short sharp burst of delicious before moving on to something else, or for a nap fragrance so I can enjoy the ride and wake up ready for new scent vistas. This was the first fragrance Annick Goutal made for herself.

Fragrantica or Annick Goutal’s site says

The mystery intoxicating of chypre accented by Egyptian jasmine and Grasse tuberose.

  • Creation date : 1983
  • Olfactory family : Floral (Jasmine, ylang-ylang, tomato leave, tuberose, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla)

Thanks for coming along for the ride again today. I love the Annick Goutal range so there will be another update soon. I did notice a new blue fragrance on the site and am intrigued. Hmmm, do you have a favourite Annick Goutal? Is there one I should try but haven’t? I’d love to read your thoughts so leave a comment.

I hope you have a happy and safe weekend.

Portia xx

All the pictures today are stolen from Fragrantica, except the Annick Goutal image from multibrand. AustralianPerfumeJunkies is not affiliated with any of the businesses talked about or recommended, except as a customer.