Rubj: Extrait de Parfum by Vero Profumo 2007


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Rubj: Extrait de Parfum by Vero Profumo 2007

Rubj Extrait FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Sweet orange blossom from Morocco, in a mellifluous shimmery dress of the finest notes of musk, earnestly courted by tempting Egyptian jasmine & cumin.

I fell in love with Rubj EDP on New Year´s Eve. I had saved my sample for that evening. So I knew it would only be a matter of time before I had to try the Ruby Extrait. Every time I attempted to get a sample, they were temporarily unavailable. Very annoying. So after writing my last APJ piece on the EDP, I thought, that´s it. I am waiting no longer. I ordered it right then and there, untested. So the waiting game began. I am sure all you APJs and other readers are familiar with the sensation? Adrenalin starts to pump, and our ears become sensitive to the sound of every UPS van within a 5 mile radius!! It only took 4 days, and that included a weekend. I snatched the package and put it into my wardrobe, to be opened in the evening when I wasn´t knee-deep in dough.

I ordered the 7.5 ml bottle. One and a half teaspoons. Gulp.

Such a petite, pretty, feminine bottle. And, luckily for me, the fragrance is ravishing. It won´t please everyone. Which as some of you know, is just the way I like it. It might be a good idea to try it before buying. I don´t want to encourage buying blind. On the other hand, the thrill is exhilarating!

Rubj Extrait Egypt Jasmine CrystalMountainPhoto Stolen CrystalMountain

On my skin it starts out very softly. As it heats up it conjures up strawberries, incense (the hippie kind), saltiness, menthol, rose, musk and ice lollies (the fruity sweet and sour kind). Utterly warm and sensual, and perhaps a little wanton. Not straight up sexual, like the edp. It is kind of radio-active. My whole body glows from it. Ambrosial. Wholly unique. I know of nothing else like it, but I am just at the beginning of my perfumista journey ………..

Rubj Extrait KarmaYogaCenterPhoto Stolen KarmaYogaCenter

Don´t confuse the Rubj EDP with the Rubj Extrait. Related but definitely not identical.

I am chuffed to bits that I bought it. The cat that got the cream. Thank goodness vanilla extract runs a little cheaper!!

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VeroProfumo has an info page with worldwide stores.
LuckyScent has $235/7.5ml or $325/15ml
SurrenderToChance starts at $10/.25ml



Sensual greetings APJs

If I wasn’t a small part of this perfume subculture, I feel very sure I never would have heard of, let alone smelled, the incredible creations of today’s perfumer, who is so amazing..

RUBJ Eau de Parfum by VERO KERN 2007

Rubj EdP Vero Profumo FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured notes:
Top: Neroli, passsionfruit, mandarin, bergamot
Heart: Cumin, Basil, African orange flower, tuberose
Base: Virginia cedar, oakmoss, musk

If I wasn’t a small part of this perfume subculture, I feel very sure I never would have heard of, let alone smelled, the incredible creations of Vero Kern. Vero Kern takes time to create her fragrances. Time to develop them. She says that it scares her; launches every six months. Claiming scents are new, but in fact they are just rehashes of old ones. She gets bored of continually seeing many of the same ideas behind new releases.

Rubj EdP Vero Kern luzernerzeitungVero Kern Photo Stolen luzernerzeitung

Vero Kern has a spirituality about her (to me) which becomes more apparent in mature women. I love it. She inspires me. A creative artist. Plus she always looks fabulous! Awesomely cool. I want to be just like her as I get older.

I watched part of an interesting interview with her. Ms Kern say she likes to put “something that is a little bit disturbing” into her fragrances. A note that people cannot identify. Sometimes it may disturb in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way. She goes on to say, “A characteristic perfume has to have this disturbance, otherwise it is flat.” She tries to avoid this certain flatness. “For the eccentric and flamboyant.”

RUBJ is everything but flat.

Rubj EdP Vero Profumo PinterestPhoto Stolen Pinterest

RUBJ is what I would have wanted on my wedding day.

This is über-sensual. Depending not on the intellect or the spirit. Carnal, fleshly, exquisite, beautiful, unchaste. A fragrance so enrapturing and captivating, I am smitten. Voluptuous. Gorgeous. What more can I say?

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LuckyScent has $220/50ml EdP
SurrenderToChance has the original 3 EdPs in the range as a sampler from $14/3 x .5ml

I expect 7.5 mls of RUBJ Extrait in the post tomorrow. Untested. Because sometimes you just have to.
(Ed: Editing this post inspired me to buy the Rubj EdP in LA at Scentsation. You are a wicked temptress Val. XXX)