Coromandel by Jacques Polge + Christopher Sheldrake for CHANEL 2007

Hey Hey APJ!

I was recently lunching with Clayton from WhatMenShouldSmellLike and he brought me some amazing gifts from his OS travels. The loveliest of which, so far, is the 4ml gorgeously boxed CHANEL Les Exclusives Coromandel EdT that I am rocking today. It is my first wear of it and I’m dabbing, so do come on a journey with me.

Coromandel EdT by CHANEL 2007

Coromandel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Neroli, bitter orange, citruses
Heart: Rose, jasmine, patchouli, orris
Base: Tahitian vanilla, benzoin, white chocolate, incense, woodsy notes, musk, olibanum

Can I tell you before we start that this packaging has me excited already, the card, beautifully presented bottle and the whole feel is incredibly luxe for a 4ml tester. Also, different sites and reviewers attribute Coromandel to both of these magnificent perfumers Jacques Polge + Christopher Sheldrake but only BaseNotes , that I read, attributed it to both. Interesting huh?

Oh MY! The first rush I get is all the base notes springing up my nose and creating a warm, woodsy and sweet amber-ish waft that was so unexpected from the notes that I gasped audibly. They don’t really leave either as the citruses begin to show their bright and lovely acidic colours. They don’t stay long because patchouli has wandered in shrouded in a lovely powdery floral veil and it seems like I’m sitting in a cafe, there is a breezy cafe au lait waft that is surprising. Maybe it’s the chocolate and vanilla together with the patchouli, ahh, who knows or cares how they’ve created this wonder?The patchouli is like the undercurrent of Coromandel, it comes and goes over time again and again, but I never even get a hint of the flowers.

I am happily and dizzily transported somewhere other. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply it’s as if Coromandel is zen perfume I feel so relaxed and comfortable in it like this is the fragrance I’ve been waiting for. Do you ever feel like you’ve come home? Amazing!!

MilkCoffee wallPaperHerePhoto Stolen WallPaperHere

Coromandel is all about the base for me, and on my skin, it has sped there is under an hour and maintains itself there indefinitely with only a modicum of change as it progresses deeper into itself, warming and becoming more foodish as it fades till all I’m left with is a mildly resinous vanilla around 6 hours later that hums ever so softly above my skin for a while longer before disappearing. I am ordering a large decant to stop myself immediately buying an FB. I am moved.

Further reading NowSmellThis and BoisDeJasmin
I think Coromandel is only available at CHANEL Boutiques
SurrenderToChance starts at $3/ml

Have you fallen for something unattainable lately? Are you going the sample route or another way?

Wishing you all good luck in your searches,
Till tomorrow be well,
Portia xx

15 comments on “Coromandel by Jacques Polge + Christopher Sheldrake for CHANEL 2007

  1. Madeleine says:

    Hello lovely,

    Oooh! My fave Chanel. Adore it and it does truly feel like coming home. Mr M is buying it for my birthday next month and I can’t wait to go to Chanel in Bondi and have it all beautifully wrapped!

    M xxxx

  2. I havn’t seen this one in UK yet. I am excited about trying it though

  3. Hey Portia….I think I’ll have to rush into Chanel to give it a try! Just saw your fab video on Perfume Posse….you’re a star Portia!

  4. laniersmith says:

    I am madly in love with Dior Mitzah! I have a sample that I dab on once in a while. It is something I must have and I am saving up for it.

  5. ladyjicky says:

    Oh I nearly bought this but … I bought Beige …. this was a mistake …. I wish I got that Coromandel !!

    Alot better!!

  6. Undina says:

    I like Coromandel and wear it from time to time with an enjoyment but I do not think I’ll go beyond the decant that I’ve got (unless I read that it’s being discontinued as well! Grrrr!)

    I have that 4 ml mini for Chanel Beige and I completely agree with how you describe the feelings from handling it. Chanel is very classy with their packaging.

  7. Coromandel is my favorite of all the Exclusifs. I think my first reaction was similar to yours! I just found it so delicious and cuddly and luxurious! Shame the price went up recently . . . not as if that would stop me . . . 🙂

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