Voyage d’Hermès by Jean-Claude Ellena 2010 + Hermès S/S ’13 Campaign

I don’t know about you but Hermes is special for me. Even though I’ve only owned a tie and some perfume from them they are, to me, the last word in mass market luxe brands. Nobody else comes close. Even before Jean-Claude Ellena took over the reigns there was some wonderful fragrance coming from within the Hermes camp. At one point Mum had Caleche, a buddy wore 1970 Guy Robert classic Equipage and another swears by their belts. Consider also that by now I am in Venice or Paris and I think I have good reason to introduce to you…

Voyage d’Hermès by Jean-Claude Ellena 2010

Voyage d`Hermes FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Amalfi lemon, spices, cardamom
Heart: Green notes, floral notes, tea
Base: Woodsy notes, Musk

What I smell when I spritz Voyage d’Hermès is a clean, fresh, exhilarating swooosh of cold air. A peaceful, citrus plus spice and green-ness follow in a cool meandering, don’t worry about a thing way. Bracing and refreshing Voyage d’Hermès is a little salty and the tea is an ideal of tea rather than a tea-ish fragrance. Something I find really enjoyable is to huff a big breath out of my mouth into my shirt and then breathe the fragrance and me back in together, the warmth and humanity of my breathe give Voyage d’Hermès a whole different feeling before returning to cool, calm and collected. The citrus turns mildly sweet through the heart and it cuts nicely across the tea and general green. Slowly the composition, which is not based in any reality, becomes less intensely frigid and warms through flowers and musky woods. The journey is gradual and not a large change but subtle and quiet. There is something definitively Ellena about Voyage d’Hermès.

Don’t let me make you think that Voyage d’Hermès won’t leave you fragrant; scent bubble and sillage are excellent and it is surprisingly tenacious, by the time it’s gone I have long stopped looking at the clock 6+ hours usually. An extra spritz an hour after the first will keep it on you even longer.

Voyage d`Hermes luxistPhoto Stolen luxist

Voyage d’Hermès is sold as a unisex scent and I think everyone can rock it. The bottle and fragrance make me think you might like to wear it if clever, interesting and thoughtful design, beauty, Deco modernism or SteamPunk are your thing. Whenever I see the bottle it makes me wish to see a purchaser because I have this notion that we would get along, and anyone who loves this spare, arctic and beguiling fragrance is someone who I would like as a friend.

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FragranceNet has 35ml refillable $55
MyPerfumeSamples start at $2/ml but I bought $7/5ml

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

Yet again stolen from one of my favourite blogs: art8amby

Nathaniel Goldberg photographed Norwegian top catwalker Iselin Steiro at Lake Como for the Spring Summer 2013 campaign of Hermès, replacing Dutch stunner Bette Franke.

I think Hermès has done a splendid campaign this year, what are your thoughts?

See you tomorrow, till then wishing you only good,
Portia xx

Images via TFS

Hermes SS13 Man
Hermes SS13 Woman


11 comments on “Voyage d’Hermès by Jean-Claude Ellena 2010 + Hermès S/S ’13 Campaign

  1. Undina says:

    It must be something in the air: I’ve just recently commented on another blog’s review of Voyage d’Hermes.

    I like this perfume and we share it with my vSO on plane trips (dabbed discreetly from a mini-bottle).

  2. laniersmith says:

    It is the one fragrance that got me going on my headlong dive into this world a year ago this month. I love it …funny thing is..I haven’t bought it yet.
    Lovely review Portia.

    (when you get a chance darling pop over to my place there are two people I want you to meet.)

  3. ladyjicky says:

    Is it in Australia Portia ?…. have not seen it at Dj’s or Myer/

  4. […] Voyage. Parfumieren and Australian Perfume Junkies both recently did really evocative reviews of Voyage, prompting me to break out my adorable mini […]

  5. A divine fragrance Portia….I bought the version in the dark glass bottle….wore it all thru Summer in Paris. Love your blog. A bientot, Robyn.

    • Thanks Robyn,
      Are you in Paris? We are here in Paris till tomorrow 12.2.13 afternoon and will be shopping in the early day at Serge Lutens, Jovoy and Galleries Lafayette if you’d like to meet.
      Portia xx

      • Bonjour again Portia

        Thanks so much for your reply! I’m in sunny Queensland at the moment…came home in January as it was just tooooo cold for moi! My blog has all my adventures!!!! How are you coping in Paris in February? Of course, if you stay inside ‘sniffing’ you’ll be OK! Enjoy Serge et al!!!!!!! Would love a review on some of the Frederic Mallé fragrances…I’m sure you would have tried them…divine aren’t they? A bientot, Robyn.

      • Hey Robyn,
        We did a fair amount of sniffing, seeing art and having great dinner parties
        I’ll get to your blog when I get home next week, can’t wait.
        Portia xx

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