Chile Vanilli By Brent Leonesio for Smell Bent

Hello lovelies,

Make no mistake, I am a Smell Bent fan girl. I love their fun and interesting take on fragrance, their gorgeous Chairman and their price point. Smell Bent’s modus operandi is to spend all their money on the juice and little on the packaging, next to nothing on advertising. Now that is a sensible niche game plan to me, and it’s generating worldwide interest. Recently I dropped by the website a grabbed a couple of their perfumed oils.

Chile Vanilli By Smell Bent

Chile Vanilli FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Patchouli, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Firstly, I love the little oil pots from Smell Bent with their glass want applicator in the lid, it feels very new and ancient at the same time: this is how the Indian and Arabic oils are often presented and it’s really easy. Another wonderful thing about oils is that you get a longer wear time and slower development of the fragrance, though in Chile Vanilli’s case not really important because on me it wears quite linear. A lovely soft, warm blend that is perfect for Spring and Autumn. Today Sydney is a little brisk and I am feeling cuddled and coddled in a divine dry dessert fragrance that is delicious without being overly food-ish, though there are bakery moments towards the dry down. I think the patchouli, which is not excessive, keeps the composition grounded and earthy.

Smell Bent oils FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Though Chile Vanille is fragrant, it will not skunk those around you, especially in the oil form. I think it would be a perfect work, date, dinner scent where you want to smell fresh, clean, warm and inviting but not announce your perfumista status too loudly. In oil form there is less projection though any length of time spent somewhere and you will be smellable, soft but invasive.

For a complete list of the current, and often changing, Smell Bent choices go to the Smell Bent Site (<<<JUMP) my Chile Vanilli 8ml Oil was around $20, super good value for money!!

Here is a shot of the lovely, movie star good looking Chairman at Smell Bent, Brent Leonesio. If that’s not a good reason to go check out the Smell Bent Site then I don’t know what is.

Brent Leonesio FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Until tomorrow, Be Nice To Yourself.
Portia xx

24 comments on “Chile Vanilli By Brent Leonesio for Smell Bent

  1. brie says:

    Brent is adorable and from various interviews I have read appears to be a really sweet guy! I have tried a few SmellBents and they are fantastic….the price point..terrific! And as a vanilla FIEND this one is calling my name….(thanks to try list keeps getting longer and longer thanks to you :D!!!!!!)

  2. David Watson says:

    They look good Portia – haven’t explored the oils yet but maybe one day you can give me a crash course! xx
    PS – Brent is sexy, thanks for sharing the eye candy with the nose candy 🙂

  3. CC ... says:

    This one sounds delish. I usually veer away from the oils but this one sounds so dreamy. Yet another lemming. Sigh.

  4. Mary P. says:

    I love vanilla and have been on a quest to find “the one”. I have heard of Smell Bent but haven’t had the chance to try one yet. I will definitely be checking this one out. Thanks Portia!

    • You are welcome Mary P,
      Have you tried the Lavanilia range? They are extremely affordable, lovely vanillas.
      Portia xx

      • Mary P. says:

        Yes, I actually have tried a couple of them and my favorite – and one of my very favorite vanilla’s overall – is Pure Vanilla. I just love it! The last couple of nights I’ve been trying a couple from the La Maison de la Vanille line and I am gah! over Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti – the dry down, yum….. but then there are the Kenzo Amour’s….. I am having trouble choosing ‘the one’, it’s now more like whittling it down to ‘the twenty’, ha! :))

      • Welcome to the club Mary P,
        Wait till you find your next fave note and the sam4e happens, then again and again.
        Portia xx

      • Mary P. says:

        Ha! 🙂 Really concentrating on and delving into the huge vanilla vault has opened my eyes to all sorts of different notes that I had not even really given a thought to or perceived before. It’s made me more flexible than I thought I was to enjoying and appreciating different notes. I find I am quite the olfactory adventurer!

  5. poodle says:

    He is a cutie, isn’t he? I need to give Smell Bent a try. Their scents have some great names too.

  6. Katrina says:

    Great stuff Portia. This is my kind of thing. Love the names, packaging and website. I like the simplicity of wearing oils too.

  7. killerrabbit says:

    I love Smell Bent but Chilli Vanilli was a total no for me. It even had to go into a ziplock bag so I couldn’t smell it anymore. Not a good one for me but I am pleased that you loved it.

    • That’s HILARIOUS!! If you haven’t thrown it out send it down with your next bunch of lovelies you post and I’ll get you something to send back.
      Portia xx

      • killerrabbit says:

        Its all yours dear, no matter how handsome Mr Chairman is that one is a bit of a monstrosity on me. Little Miss Panda Gets Lai’d – now that is a beauty and the one with a Koala on it is pretty too. Have you tried number 8 from Smell Bent? It was spoken about in horror – and got a similar reaction to Secretions Magnifique. Now I am dying to try it!

      • I will get some for us while in LA!!
        Portia x

  8. Dionne says:

    Mmm, I love Chile Vanilli. This and Bollywood or Bust are my two favorites that I’ve tried from the line thus far. (Plus there’s a bunch more on my sampling wishlist.) The part I enjoy most about the line – besides the fabulous prices! – are the great names. How could you not love perfumes like “Violet Tendencies” and “Monaco-Dependent?”

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