Perfume + Tea: Musings + Pairings #2 and GIVEAWAY


Post by Brie


Perfume and Tea Pairings

For those of you in “perfumeland” who know me well I need not reiterate that SonomaScentStudio is my absolute favorite perfume house EVER (surpassing Chanel, Guerlain, etc). In my opinion every fragrance that the perfumer Laurie Erickson has created thus far is outstanding. Given my new found love for naturals and essential oils I have been hounding Laurie for quite some time to add natural fragrances to her line. My wish came true when she released Cocoa Sandalwood this past winter. Now, following in its footsteps is the recent release of all natural Spiced Citrus Vetiver.

Sonoma Scent Studio Naturals-Spiced Citrus Vetiver

When I wear Spiced Citrus Vetiver my mind instantly envisages a ballet. Not surprising, given that I was once a professional ballet dancer. Please join me in this production as the curtain rises.

rosemuscboxPhoto9 Stolen SSS

Fragrance Notes: Blood orange, bergamot, ginger CO2, cinnamon bark CO2, clove bud absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, osmanthus absolute, Sri Lanka vetiver EO, Indonesian vetiver CO2, Virginia cedar, Indian Mysore sandalwood EO, vanilla.

In the opening adagio the graceful pas de deux of our principal ballerina (vetiver) and her leading male dancer (blood orange) is supported by a pas de trois of soloists (ginger,cinnamon and clove) who jete around the couple whilst the corps de ballet (jasmine, osmanthus, cedar, sandalwood and vanilla) pirouette stage left and stage right. The prima ballerina (vetiver) does not take center stage in this ballet but rather bourees around the all the other dancers throughout this ballet.


Vetiver (Suzanne R Banks’s blog post on vetiver) is an essential oil that I have recently grown to adore (The Fragrant Man). Laurie’s usage of vetiver has been masterfully blended in an utterly unique way. The vetiver is subtle yet appears throughout this composition, constantly changing on my wrist. A gracefully executed fragrance that is perfect for both male and female fragrance wearers. Given that it is all natural, Spiced Citrus Vetiver sits close to the skin and is the perfect scent when one does not want to offend the ‘perfume adverse” crowd. For a natural eau de parfum longevity is excellent on my skin.

IMG_2816Photo by Brittany and Courtney

Organic India Tulsi Tea (Original)

I pair Spiced Citrus Vetiver with Organic India’s Original Tulsi Tea. Tulsi, or holy basil, is renowned in India as an herb with healing properties that relieve stress and protect the immune system. The earthiness of this tea lends itself beautifully to the grassy quality of the vetiver in Spiced Citrus Vetiver.

Do grab a cup of this relaxing tea whilst wearing Spiced Citrus Vetiver : sit back and enjoy the ballet!

Perfume and Tea Pairings GIVEAWAY!


1 x 1ml samples of Spiced Citrus Vetiver and my all natural essential oil blend “Ginza in the Rain” as well as a sampling of a variety of Tusli teas
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who leaves their favourite perfume note or essential oil in the comments section.

Extra Chance?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie @SonomaScent @brie108 Brie’s Perfume & Tea GIVEAWAY


Entries Close Thursday 10th May 2013 9pm AusEST and winners will be announced in a separate post then.
Winners will be chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and Brie’s family will pick a winner.
The winners will have till Monday 13th May 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

83 comments on “Perfume + Tea: Musings + Pairings #2 and GIVEAWAY

  1. FeralJasmine says:

    I’m a fellow devotee of Laurie Erickson’s work, and I love her florals best. I haven’t smelled her naturals yet. I really love the way she combines the best of natural and synthetic. My favorite note in perfume is the complex and beautiful vanilla CO2, and my wish for Laurie is that she do a vanilla scent, because it will be a beauty.

    • brie says:

      as a fellow vanilla fiend I love that idea…and it would be a wonderful addition to her natural line!

      • Start badgering her now please. I need it too. Nice and rich and full, with some floral lightness perhaps, but no weird woodiness thankinglymuchly.

      • brie says:

        In other words….NO SANDALWOOD????
        I will work on Laurie…we need some vanilla!!! (although if you try her Winter woods there is something very dry vanilla-esque about it….oh, but it might be too woody for you…sorry I forgot)

  2. lucasai says:

    What a great description of Spiced Citrus Vetiver. Fantastic! And you paired it with some tea, which is my another guilty pleasure!

  3. Patty Pong says:

    Fave essential oil is Egyptian musk.

  4. randie morillo says:

    I have just been exposed to this fabulous blog over the weekend. Look forward to learning and trying fragrances
    Hoping to find a favorite.


  5. reneeg09 says:

    Geranium essential oil is my favorite.Have tweeted the giveaway

  6. Nadja says:

    I love the combination of tea and perfume! There are some teas that I wish I could wear as perfumes, and actually some perfumes that would taste awesome as tea! My favorite perfume note changes from week to week but right now I am very fond of tobacco, smoke and leather notes. My favorite essential oil would have to be cedarwood.

    • brie says:

      I concur wholeheartedly as I am always seeking out tea (as well as food for that matter!) with perfume notes in them!

  7. pastelhell says:

    lavender essential oil

    • brie says:

      I have a huge organic lavender essential oil bottle with me at all can be stressful, right? nothing more soothing than lavender!

  8. Mary P. says:

    Sonoma Scent Studio fragrances are fantastic! Vetiver – love it’s earthiness and would love to try this new one. For me, I love deep, rich, complex vanilla’s and spicy incensey notes the best. Thanks for offering the sample!

  9. susan says:

    My favorite perfume note is probably tuberose or incense. Pretty wide range there, eh? I’m just starting to explore Sonoma Scent Studio, so thank you for the draw!

  10. SSS are a wonderful house! Tabac Aurea is a favorite of mine! Right now I’m really into iris, melon and vetiver for the warmer weather. Thank you for doing this contest! xoxo Boo

    • brie says:

      Tabac Aurea is a glorious scent for the Autumn weather in my neck of the woods (upstate NY)…you have great taste!

  11. Sita W. says:

    Aldehydes Lily is my favorite Perfume note, sweet and crisp, just love it.

  12. […] for samples of the new all-natural Spiced Citrus Vetiver plus other goodies on The Fragrant Man and Australian Perfume Junkies. Both blogs posted reviews and drawings today. Thanks so much, Brie, Jordan, and […]

  13. I love seeing these articles out there from you, Brie! Brava! Brava! Brava!

    What fun to describe a perfume in ballet terms too. Love it! Favorite perfume note? Argh. I can’t choose. Iris? No, amber. Wait, vanilla. Erm, benzoin. Incense. No, citrus! Argh!

    • brie says:

      Thanks D!
      I know i would be stumped if I had to answer this question as there are SO MANY essential oils that I adore!!! Good to see you out of hibernation :D!!!!

  14. Nancysg says:

    As of today, my favorite note is irs. There are so many different iris scents – from earthy/rooty to leafy and then powdery. Last week I was sniffing some lavender iris flowers blooming in a yard, and their natural scent was so lovely.

  15. Looks like I’m a little late to the party to say how great I think your writing is Brie and that I love your work,
    Portia xx

    • brie says:

      You are never late to the party…in fact you MAKE the party! and I knew you were here in spirit :D!! xx

  16. cookie queen says:

    Well, hmmmm, lots of thoughts for me. I would definitely like to try something from this SSS, but I find it hard to get my head round fragrance from California. Norhing against California. The exact opposite. Most of my family is there and I love to visit. I have several
    blocks in my mind. Some of which need removing! Tea? No block there. 🙂
    Fave oil? Hmmmm. Maybe a few drops of
    clary sage along with a few of cammomile, in about half a litre of milk, and the put into my bath water. Guaranteed to sleep like a baby.
    Hugs. CQ

    • brie says:

      Hi CQ! i missed you!!! while visiting your relations if you are in close proximity to Laurie’s studio you really should see if you can stop by…SSS is NOT to be missed! I will make you a convert (am up for the challenge!). Curious, have you ever put any fragrant oils in your cookies??

      • cookie queen says:

        Sometimes I have to put my work before fragrance blogs!! Nope. No fragrant oils. Although I do use chocolate extract. That is fab stuff!!

      • brie says:

        I know CQ…just saying I love seeing you here! but cookie making is top priority and I know that you do it so well :D!!! Chocolate extract…yum! I have actually used cocoa absolute in some of my blends….rich and gorgeous, I say!

  17. dremybluz says:

    My favorite scent would be pure Valencia orange oil mixed with galaxolide musk. My favorite essential oil would be lavendar.

  18. Amria says:

    I think vanilla is my favourite smell in the world 🙂

    • brie says:

      Ooooh! another vanilla lover says the one who used to wear vanilla extract on her wrists…I agree, Amria…vanilla is exquisite!

  19. solanace says:

    My favorite EO is lemon. I love it on savory and sweet food.

    • brie says:

      Lemon is lovely and works quite well as a top note!

      • solanace says:

        Agree! 🙂 I love deep perfumes that have citrus top notes, such as classic chypres and Shalimar. And as an essential oil, I must admit lemon is my favorite, since I use so much of it. And not only in food (although it’s a must in my marinades and in many sweet confections). A few drops in the coconut oil I use after shower makes it so delightful. And mixed with alcohol and water it makes the perfect home cleaner, suitable for those of us who have small kids “licking” the floor. But since we are talking perfume, I’d like to give an honorable mention to frankincense drops. I love to have some unburned scenting my living room!

      • brie says:

        Goodness solanace…you are an essential oil blender like me! I adore organic virgin coconut oil mixed with blood orange essential oil…slather it all over my tiny body in the summer as a moisturizer…but I adore this idea of using lemon essential oil as well! Yes to frankicense too! mixed with argan oil makes a great face moisturizer and has anti-cancer properties….

        oops, sorry P…we are supposed to be talking perfume :D!!!

  20. poodle says:

    I have too many favorites to pick just one but if I have to choose right now I’ll say incense. I also love lavender essential oil. An hour from now it might be different.

    • brie says:

      Oh Poodle…you are too funny! I am just like you…always changing my mind as to which essential oil or perfume note is my favorite…heck, I love ’em all!!!

  21. Nemo says:

    I have been looking forward to trying SSS Citrus Vetiver for so long! 🙂 I have not tried many essential oils, but my favorite perfume note is sandalwood. I love woody scents in general, which is why I think I like so many SSS perfumes.

    • brie says:

      Nemo, S
      o happy to be in the company of another sandalwood lover! and Spiced Citrus vetiver is a welcome edition to the SSS line up.

      • brie says:

        OOPs…that was supposed to be a “so”…sorry I am only on my first cup of tea!

  22. womo531 says:

    If I had to choose one my favorite note has to be Iris root~

  23. mridula says:

    So hard to choose but sandalwood is my favourite note – nothing comforts like its sweetness.

    • brie says:

      Oh yes! I am so happy to hear that there is yet another lover of sandalwood….it comforts me as well, mridula!

  24. filmoyster says:

    It’s so great to read about fragrances that aren’t flanked by pop princesses and actresses with little information about the product they’re pitching. Thank you for writing about truly new and different scents to try! My favorite note now is amber. Essential oil would be grapefruit.

    • brie says:

      Agreed…..SSS are high quality perfume…do check out the SSS website…Laurie does a fantastic job of describing all of her perfumes as well as attaching links to all reviews…amber and grapefruit….yum!

  25. Ines says:

    Huh. Favourite note?
    I’ll go with tuberose but vetiver is among my top 5 as well. 🙂

  26. Undina says:

    Brie, I’m glad you’ve got your new favorite! And the pairing sounds god.
    (No need entering me into the draw)

  27. rosiegreen62 says:

    Favorite perfume note- too many to list. Favorite EO – Lavender,soothing and uplifting. I am with you Brie on chocolate,perfume and tea, they are the 3 essentials in my life.

    • brie says:

      Agreed rosiegreen! and I think I am going to adopt your stance and call my three favorite things in the whole wide world “essentials” rather than “vices”!!

  28. drtvrmoi says:

    Egyptian musk is a dear, warm friend. I adore it’s closeness.

  29. Beth says:

    I love fresh notes like ISO E super. I love a variety of musk notes. I love Laurie’s Cocoa Sandalwood the notes are gorgeous in that!! I would not be complete without my fragrances!

  30. Julie F says:

    Laurie does some true magic at SSS. I love all of her many woodsy fragrances. By favorite note has always been Sandalwood, although incense, labdanum, and leather are also favorites. Right now, I’m wearing (and huffing) her Ambre Noir. Thanks for the draw.

    • brie says:

      I also adore sandalwood…and happy to see another SSS fan! Ambre Noir will be calling my name come Autumn!

  31. Annamaria says:

    I’m going to say heliotropin, but it’s tough. My runners up are violet, anise, blood orange and bergamot. I think I tend to like powdery florals and bright citrus.

  32. mim says:

    Lovely review, and thanks for the giveaway!
    I tried a rose tulsi tea that a friend who was very into aromatherapy gave me–it was delicious! would love to try more.

    Cannot choose a favorite EO or note for the life of me.
    I love vetiver a lot, actually, along with black hemlock, sandalwood, frankincense, cedar, mitti, lemon, amber, and saffron and vanilla and milk also. And spices like clove, pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, coriander… Any scent that is mostly one of these will probably be a favorite.
    But I think if I had to choose one it would be a coin toss between saffron and vanilla.

    Have been meaning to explore SSS for a long time now…read so many great things!

    • brie says:

      mim- completely agree….choosing just one favorite EO is impossible ! yes, the Tusli Sweet Rose and Cinnamon Rose teas are divine…( I have tried almost every Organic India Tusli that is out on the market). and please do explore the SSS line!

  33. maggiecat says:

    My favorite perfume note…kind of like picking my favorite child, isn’t it? But I think it would have to be jasmine – which makes my favorite essential oil the same!

  34. capacina says:

    I like the musks.

  35. Dionne says:

    OK, I normally don’t enter the draws here at APJ anymore because it feels a bit like cheating, but for the chance to smell this new SSS, I’m breaking my own rule. Favorite perfume note is orris root. Oh yeah.

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