Ambre Ceruleen by Pierre Guillaume for Huitieme Art Parfums 2010

Hiya Everyone,

I am a bit of a sucker for a yummy amber but I though I’d reached my limit of FB in the amber range. Since the Huitieme Art Parfums were released in 2010 I had thought the bottles drool worthy, they look like modern art sculpture in the photos and so while visiting LA for the Scentsation Bus Tour my new buddy Tom from the Perfume Posse and Perfume Smellin’ Things and I snuck back into Scent Bar, the physical store for the Lucky Scent Crew. I tried a few of the set and the one that was most interesting on the day, on my skin, in the first 30 minutes was…

Ambre Ceruleen by Huitieme Art Parfums 2010

FG Ambre Ceruleen FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Sandalwood, opoponax, tonka bean, lemon verbena, powder

Straight up the bottle is hefty and the matte finish feels like carved soap stone, porcelain or clay and is cool to the touch, already the experience feels luxurious and interesting. I also like that no light can enter to get to the juice meaning I don’t have to worry about leaving the bottle on my desk which doesn’t get loads of light and is cool. I have found myself reaching for Ambre Ceruleen quite a bit since my return from LA and have worn it almost exclusively since my return from India, I want to feel the bottle and smell the opening rush again and again.

How does it smell on my skin? I absolutely adore the resinous, sweet, crunchy opening that is tempered by the lemon, and made unusual by it. It’s not a lemon cake but there is certainly a nod to that genre and if you love gourmand but are looking for something a little more grown up and sophisticated then this could be the one. It feels like being wrapped up in love and hugged till you can’t breathe with joy. An elegant, inviting and, to me, interesting amber that throws a golden patina over everything. There is a story here but it’s not a huge one, some of the lemon burns off after about an hour and Ambre Ceruleen becomes slightly more woodsy and as it fades the powder becomes more intense. There is still the amber all the way through and it gets a little deeper, a little sweeter, a little deeper again through the long fragrance life which is another great thing.

Ambre Ceruleen Fairy Fedio.netPhoto Stolen

I am getting around 7 hours of fragrance life and when I wear Ambre Ceruleen outside the house it gets noticed, people that don’t normally comment on my fragrance ask questions about it.

This could be the perfect gateway amber for anyone toying with trying the style, beautiful, wearable, practical fragrance that smells excellent. It was lovely in the heat of late LA spring and is gorgeous in the soft winter cool of Sydney, I’m wearing it again today and tonight.

Ambre Ceruleen beads ForeverAmberPhoto Stolen ForeverAmber

Further reading: EauMG really didn’t like it and CandyPerfumeBoy did
has $125/50ml or samples available
SurrenderToChance starts at $6/ml

Till tomorrow, waft fragrantly and fearlessly,
Portia xxx


8 comments on “Ambre Ceruleen by Pierre Guillaume for Huitieme Art Parfums 2010

  1. Natalie says:

    PG doesn’t seem to be able to do anything really wrong, in my book. This is a really nice amber.

  2. RuthF says:

    This sounds so appealing to me, I’m a complete sucker for amber too! What a great bottle. I love amber 114, Maitre Parfumieur et Gantiet Ambre Precieux, Amber Narguile and I’d love a bottle of Mona di Orio Ambre. I’m not familiar with Huitieme Art, I’ll have to add it to my long list of things to try!

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if the perfume world had a 200 fragrance limit for releases per year. We would at least have a chance at trying most of the ones we would be interested in. As it is, impossible.
      Portia xx

  3. The bottles are terrific. I’m all about opaque ones! I love amber too so I will remember this for the next time I’m out. Thank you for the wonderful review, Portia!

  4. Alice says:

    Oh goodness, what a coincidence, I bought this on Friday! (on impulse, I knew nothing about the range but liked this immediately). I think its delightful, understated yet unusual – especially the lemon verbena/tonka mix. I also really love the bottle. However I have found very mixed reviews on-line of this (so pleased to see a good one!), and a lot of dislike for the bottle. Possibly these people have not really worn the perfume (on a card or dabbed it doesn’t really sing) or felt the bottle (much better in RL than in photos). I’m definitely going to explore teh rest of these, as I like perfumes with a simple aesthetic.

    • Hey Alice,
      Congratulations on an excellent buy. It’s simple but interesting and the lemon takes it to a whole new level on me. Hopefully you enjoy it to the last drop.
      If they don’t get the bottle, bad luck, I think it’s beautiful. And it feels lovely and rich in my hands.
      Portia xx

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