Relent by ETRO + Venice Photo Essay

Hey there happy huffers,

While Jin and I were in Venice in January/February he had found us a wonderful hotel. My only rules for him to do bookings were 4 star, less than 300 metres from the railway station and that they include breakfast. In Venice he excelled himself. The hotel was very close to the station and near a bunch of major bridges, attractions, ferries and food. The room was bright, clean, spacious, quiet and sunny with a view of the rooftops of Venice and the Grand Canal and the hotel had wifi in the lobby 24 hours, with a bar that was quite comfortable. One of our favourite things about the hotel was the large, super-clean bathroom filled with ETRO Relent bath products: hair & body wash and lotion! We left the hotel every day smelling beautiful from our bath products and kept arm skin clear for frag testing. We also left the hotel CRAMMED with breakfast each day, HEAVEN!! Needless to say we asked for, and received, a handful of the mini shower gels which are big enough to last 10 days of showering. SCORE! The hotel? The Boscolo Bellini, Lista di Spagna 116/A | Cannareggio quarter, 30121 Venice, Italy

ETRO Relent Boscolo Bellini Venice

ETRO Relent Boscolo Bellini Rooftop VenicePhotos Stolen Expedia

Relent by ETRO

ETRO Relent FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lemon, orange, lime, eucalyptus
Heart: Orange blossom, rose, iris
Base: Amber, vanilla, musk (ETRO adds citron in the base)

From the ETRO site: The true Eden is never a precise location; we need to learn to create it inside ourselves, to carry with us some of the serenity that can be evoked by aromas that brighten the heart. Sparkling citrus fruits and the sweetest flowers, a hint of the sensuality of amber and the languor of rose, a drop of solemn musk.

ETRO Relent venice Grand canalPhoto Stolen MorgueFile

Since Venice, every shop that has ETRO gets a visit from me but nobody seems to carry Relent anymore, only the newer ones in the lineup. So I went to the internet and recently I found a Relent 150ml Eau Parfumee at Beauty Encounter for only $70 and the 200ml Shower Gel for only $39!! I am extremely happy about it and bought fragrance and a couple of shower gels. It is such a vivid memory for both Jin and I, a happy, wonderful memory that we cherish, so easy to bring back just by fragrance. Fragrantica gives 2010 as this fragrances release but MUA has reviews from 2003.

How does it smell? The opening citrus and eucalyptus combination is fizzzy, dry and interesting, the citrus fizzes like a soda pop drink fresh from the bottle but the eucalyptus holds the sweetness in check giving a very herbal, green dryness. If you told me there was some cumin with coriander/lavender/basil here I would totally believe you because it’s such a vegetative yet sweaty green opening. I also smell some wood notes that are unmentioned. It takes a while for the opening scene to develop properly and it stays for a while before the orange blossom makes her appearance, not as an entrance but she comes in though the side door unannounced, no fanfare but there she is whispering something naughty in your ear and rose is giggling wickedly beside her. Then, as the star of the show is about to be announced, like a wedding everyone quietens down and there is a fragrant hush, a lull, a pause before IRIS stands tall at the top of the stairs in full spotlight. A woody, powder puff of an iris, gentle and soft and cuddly and furry with musks comes down the stairs to be the star of the night. Everyone gets to dance with her, maybe the best analogy would be a round dance where everyone is involved but only a few are near iris for the rest of the evening before the last slow dance and then gone.

ETRO Relent Venice Boscolo Bellini Light

ETRO Relent Venice Garden Block

ETRO Relent Venice Canal

ETRO Relent Venice Bridge portiaPortia’s first Venetian Bridge

ETRO Relent Venice Carnivale Costumes JinJin loving Carnivale

ETRO Relent Venice Canivale Costumes Purple

ETRO Relent Venice Carnivale Costumes Silver

ETRO Relent Venice Last Gondola MakerThe Last Gondola Builders

ETRO Relent Venice Gondola

ETRO Relent Venice Grand Canal CathedralThe Grand Canal

ETRO Relent Venice RestaurantFrom our restaurant

ETRO Relent Venice Wood Bridge

ETRO Relent Venice Palazzo

ETRO Relent Venice Pegggy GuggenheimPeggy Guggenheim Modern Art Museum, so fabulous

ETRO Relent Venice Cafe CeilingCafe Ceiling

ETRO Relent Venice Jin on BridgeJin loved this bridge

ETRO Relent Venice Main Square

ETRO Relent Venice PalaceMain Square at night after the Carnivale crowds are gone

ETRO Relent Venice SunsetVenice sunset

I think Relent could be worn anywhere, including frag phobic works, it is soft and pretty enough to be passed of as body lotion but interesting enough to wear. Light, cuddly and to Jin and I joyful. Maybe you will think so too.

My scent hungry skin gets about 3-4 hours before there is only a sweet amber musk that smells like me. Jin says the scent continues but I have lost the ability to smell it.

Nobody else on the first 4 pages of Google has reviewed Relent
Beauty Encounter has the best prices I could find and none of the sample shops carry Relent, though some have other ETRO frags.

I hope you enjoyed our ETRO Relent and Venice Photo Essay. All unattributed photos taken by Jin or myself.
See you tomorrow for more fun and madness,
Portia xx

APJ Day Out #1: Hermes, Robert Piguet, Tom Ford, DIOR: Photo Essay

Hey there APJ!

Last Wednesday we had our first APJ Day Out. There were 13 of us, normally an unlucky number, but it turned out to be super lucky. We were treated extremely well by all the stores we went to, were given two amazing Masterclasses and loads of samples. It was great to meet some of you for the first time and an excellent opportunity for those of us who are already buddies to catch up, talk fragrance, shop, laugh and generally enjoy each others company. FABULOUS!

As we arrived a little early for our masterclass with Joe Garces, the CEO of Robert Piguet, I thought it would be a great time to pop across to Hermes, where the wonderful Jean was our hostess. She happily took us through some of my favourite scents in the Jean Claude Ellena Hermessence range and also some more of the Hermes fragrance catalogue including the Jardin range and then introduced me to one of their scents that I had never spent any time with, Rouge. WOW!! I can definitely see a full bottle in my very near future. Thank you Jean. XXX

Off to Libertine Parfumerie stand in David Jones Sydney City Store basement to meet Nick, the sexy proprietor, Gary and Dan, the regular SAs and a new boy whose name escapes me, sorry. There too was Joe Garces, and Joe took us through quite a lot of the range. It wasn’t much about notes etc, we were taken through the creation stories of each fragrance, the troubles, the inspiration and the triumphs. It was an illuminating class and I came away better informed about the way perfumes are created in a mass market niche company. Joe has effectively turned a dying dinosaur of a business back into a going concern with his and his teams plans. He is justifiably proud of the company’s achievements and really loves the perfumes he produces and sells, enthusiasm shining from and infectious. I tried a slew of the range that I had thought definitely NOT my style and walked away with a couple of new loves, a bottle of Bois Noir and a special gift roll on of VISA. YAY!! Review coming soon. Everyone was allowed to choose a Piguet fragrance to sample and were given very generous spray samples.




Joe Garces #1



Then I took the crew up to the Tom Ford section at DJs. The SA there was so pretty, knowledgeable and helpful showing us some of the range and introducing many of us to Sahara Noir. I had tried it before in LA but it was a completely different experience in the cool of Sydney, I LOVED it here. At the end she finished by offering everyone a sample of their choice!

It was time for a sit and a cuppa, I had a sneaky Banana Bread too. During our time at the cafe Ainslie, who is a perfumer, brought out some of her current mods for us to share, smell, critique and enjoy. It was wonderful talking to someone on the cusp of a business and finding out how her perfumes are created. Fascinating. Soon I will have a story on Ainslie because she is thinking of setting up a trial where you can buy a small set of her mods to try and critique for yourself, providing useful perfumista feedback and giving us a chance to try new stuff very reasonably. HEAVEN.

Through Westfield

Past Gucci

Then it was onwards and upwards to DIOR’s outrageously gorgeousbnew flagship store in Sydney, the first in Australia. We were greeted warmly by the staff and Clayton the Oceania head of PR was there to whisk us upstairs to the shoe parlour where we were treated to a stroll through the 10 available Couturier/Privee fragrances exclesively available in Australia through that store. There was also a beautiful DIOR lady there whose name has slipped from my mind, she was helpful and informative and I apologise for my bad brain. It was a delightful ending to an amazing day. I was happy to add bottles of Oud Ispahan and Oud Leather to my perfume library. At the end we were all given DIOR swag bags with a couple of the fabulous 7.5ml FB replicas each and some beautifully presented literature. Just walking down the street with a DIOR bag is thrilling enough but when you’ve been feted by some of the best luxe companies in the world we were all walking on air. Thank you Clayton and DIOR.

As you can see we had lost some of our people along the way, the last photo are the DIOR Late Stayers. Thanks to everyone who came and who helped us have such an amazingly wonderful and special day.

DIOR Shoes

The DIOR late stayers

I am currently thinking of other great APJ Day Out ideas. There will definitely be another day soon,

Portia xx

Tiffany + Co. Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

Tiffany & Co. Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

Hello Fragrance Buddies,

Today we are off topic because I think these Tiffany & Co. ads are so damn gorgeous. Please enjoy them, so mysterious, what are these girls stories? It’s not often I am put in a position to ask such a question from print ads but I can tell these girls have all been given some kind of back story that they must bring to life. It’s a lovely set of images, don’t you think?

What fragrance am I wearing while writing today?

Amyitis by Mona di Orio

Amyitis FragranticaPhoto and Featured Accords Stolen Fragrantica
Top: Cumin, heather, green pepper and green notes
Heart: Iris, violet, Guiac wood and Virginian cedar
Base: Saffron, opopanax, oakmoss and amber.

This is a funny fragrance that I adore and sometimes it irks me. A green and sensual pleasure but with a stickiness that feels like it should be warmer. A honeyed beauty that can offer up sharp dissonance on occasion, like it’s living on a knife edge between gorgeous and disgusting. I keep coming back to it though and I think it a perfect fit for the Tiffany & Co ads, don’t you think these women show tough and soft in equal measure while remaining ultra feminine and uber luxe. This is what the Tiffany & Co perfume could have smelled like. I will do a full review someday.
SurenderToChance starts at $5/.5ml

Tiffany & Co. Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

As my go-to Ad Campaign blog I stole these pics from art8amby

Three new campaign images featuring Liya Kebede, Karen Elson and Liu Wen.

Photographed by Michael Thompson and styled by Paul Cavaco.

Chinese model Liu Wen is replacing Grace Gao and Doutzen Kroes as the new campaign girl for Tiffany & Co..

Image via TFS.

DARK PASSAGE by Andy Tauer

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget to go and enter our THURSDAY GIVEAWAY COMPETITION, you have till around 10pm Saturday Australian EST

It finally arrived.

Photo Stolen TauerPerfumes

“…DARK PASSAGE, the super limited edition that is only available in March through the Kickstarter campaign for ONLY CHILD. Afterwards , when the financing and support campaign for Brian Pera’s latest film project comes to an end, then the perfume will be gone. ONLY CHILD is the next Evelyn Avenue full feature film project.” Andy Tauer from his blog March 2012.

Really good blog reviews of Dark Passage include I Smell Therefore I Am and Perfume Shrine.

When I first read that Andy Tauer was doing a new short release perfume for a fundraiser I was excited beyond imagining. I love his work, it is definitive and solid and statement making, as well as having extraordinary sillage and staying power. There is often a quirkiness, edge and diversion from the norm and Mr Tauer has a special accord that is oft called the Tauerade because of its incredible tenacity. Awesome if you want to stay smelling amazing for a night out, lovemaking and waking up, it will stay on clothes for months if you don’t wash them so is perfect for scenting hankies when loved ones go away or your purse so it’s always like a magic fragrant cave from which anything may come. Nasty if you have a bad on skin scent reaction, headache, just want to change scent; showering is not enough you need to undergo a post radioactivity radiation wash cycle. Thankfully they are all magic on my skin and I love the dry downs.

I thought I would present Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage (He He He that means 2 things) today in mainly visual storybook fashion. See below the photo’s for story….

Photo Stolen virtual.yosemite

Photo Stolen dancarman

Photo Stolen wallpaper4me

Photo Stolen hideyoshi.deviantart

Photo Stolen topnews

Photo Stolen inspiredfitstrong

Photo Stolen fantom-xp

Photo Stolen shivacreations

Photo Stolen storex

Photo Stolen

Photo Stolen IMDb

Dark Passage opens underneath the city with a weird swampy, burning tyres and fetid air accord BAM!, then it moves into back alleys as the close aromas of human habitation and their feral pets, you come across a cafe, smelling the cigarettes of the al fresco diners and then the coffee itself, the slightly burnt bitter smell of an imperfectly cleaned barista bar, and then past an Indian furniture shop with the bee wax polish and resins they use to colour the wood and give it shine overlaid on freshly finished wood, underneath all this the patchouli has been pumping unnoticed but comes to the fore as we drive outside the confines of the city with the top down smelling the exhaust, we get out and the fresh tree laden air, with humus and earth and maybe there has been a sprinkle of rain that is burning off in the sun. Then it comes in waves, interesting different visions pass before your nose, it is an olfactory movie, Film Noir and the bitch is going to get it in the Dark Passage.

UPDATE: I get this great story for maybe an hour and a half, it softens to a soft, slightly burnt vanilla and leather accord that was still ever so slightly there this morning, skin scent. It has only left the mildest trace on my clothes too, like this is my bodies scent left in the shirt. A new sophistication for Mr Tauer, bravo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, writing it was FUN!
Portia xx